A newer, stronger version of Gorilla Glass is coming and Samsung will be the first company to use it
Gorilla Glass Victus might save your phone from your clumsiness.
Gorilla Glass Victus might save your phone from your clumsiness.

Image: corning

By Alex Perry

If you regularly drop your phone from more than six feet in the air, the new version of Gorilla Glass might benefit you.

Corning, the folks who make the glass used for basically every major smartphone brand, announced a new version of their signature Gorilla Glass line on Thursday. It’s called Gorilla Glass Victus and if Corning is to be believed, it can withstand drops from up to two meters (or roughly 6.5 feet) onto “hard, rough surfaces.” The company also claims it is twice as effective at scratch resistance as the last iteration, Gorilla Glass 6, was.

The only other bit of news here is that Samsung will be the first manufacturer to use Victus in the “near future,” according to Corning’s press release. We don’t know specifically which product will use it or when, but Samsung is going to announce a gang of stuff in a couple of weeks, so that might be something to watch.

It’s also worth noting that Apple uses custom-built glass from Corning for the iPhone. We don’t officially know anything about the next iPhone yet, but it will be interesting to see if it adopts something like Victus or if Apple waits a year.

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That’s all fine and great, but the real joy here is watching Gorilla Glass Victus get tested. Corning provided press with footage of the new glass getting slammed against hard surfaces without breaking and it’s kind of hypnotic. At the very least, the footage might make you wish you could do this for a living.

Looks fun, right? Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for whatever Samsung announces with Victus in the near future. It might just save your phone the next time you drop it while taking a selfie with an average-height NBA player.

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