SIGN UP NOW: On Tuesday we’re talking to Poshmark cofounder Tracy Sun about how to learn from your failures, anticipate the next big thing in tech, and build a company that puts customers first

It was 2011. Instagram was a new platform. People weren’t yet using their phones to document their every move, or connect to others on mobile-only social-media apps. But Tracy Sun and her cofounders spotted an opportunity. They anticipated the move toward mobile networking, photography, and commerce, and launched Poshmark: a mobile-only platform for buying and selling clothes.

Nearly a decade later, Poshmark has helped over 60 million users shop for clothes, develop their own businesses, and form relationships with brands and other sellers.

Sun’s journey from premedical student to senior vice president of new markets for her own startup was far from linear. It involved a failed e-commerce business, a cross-country move, and a dispute with the US Postal Service. But her success came from learning a new industry inside and out, building a strong network, tapping into consumer demands, and adapting to a constantly changing landscape.

On Tuesday, she’s sitting down with Charlie Herman to talk about where she came from, what she’s learned, and how future entrepreneurs can set themselves up for success.

“Starting Up” is the new live interview series from Business Insider, hosted by Charlie Herman.

Join us on July 28 at 4pm ET / 1PM PT for the live conversation. Sign up for a reminder here.

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