This inexpensive wireless charger is great for your iPhone and AirPods

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This charger makes powering up your AirPods and phone easy with its cord-free design.
This charger makes powering up your AirPods and phone easy with its cord-free design.

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TL;DR: Make charging quick and easy with this wireless charger for Apple AirPods and iPhones for $16.99, a 66% savings as of July 30. 

Is your nightstand completely cluttered with wires and chargers galore? You can do better. 

This wireless charging pad is where it’s at for simplifying your countertops and bedside tables — or wherever you do your charging. But it’s more than a pretty exterior. You can also expect super-fast charging speeds, thanks to its embedded Qi copper coil. The pad itself features an upgraded temperature control capability and a bottom cooling hole — a clever design feature that prevents your devices from overheating. This is an important detail as many charging pads can’t say the same. 

This smart little charging pad was uniquely designed for the Apple AirPods case, which fits perfectly into the designated charging space. It also gets the job done equally well for iPhones and any other Qi-compatible device. The wireless power comes from electromagnetic fields, which work their magic to bring your battery back to life — without tangling up any cords in the process.

So far, this charging pad checks the boxes: tech-savvy, sleek, efficient. The last piece of the puzzle is the price. You can snag a 66% discount for a limited time, bringing the total price way down to just $16.99. (The regular price is $49, so it’s a pretty significant savings.)

Go ahead and give your iPhone and AirPod case chargers the upgrade they deserve, and declutter your space while you’re at it.

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