Microsoft Edge Accused of Stealing Data From Chrome

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Microsoft Edge Accused of Stealing Data From Chrome (



from the browsers-that-borrow dept.

Some Windows 10 users have complained that when Microsoft sets up its Edge browser, it steals data from Chrome and Firefox without asking first, writes ZDNet columnist Chris Matyszczyk.

But today a reader sent him a new complaint involving Windows 7:

“My wife’s computer, which is running Windows 7, got a Windows update this morning, which then gave the full-screen welcome page for Edge Chromium. She was terrified as this looked exactly as if malware had taken over the machine… How could any application be running that she hadn’t started? How is it that Microsoft can’t manage to provide security updates for Windows 7, as it is end of life, but still manage to force a new web browser that isn’t wanted on Windows 7 users…?”

“The full-screen welcome page for Chomium Edge did have a faint ‘close’ gadget in the top right, which was the very first thing we clicked… This still left Edge pinned on the taskbar and when I hovered over it, it showed all the recent sites she had visited on Chrome. So it must have stolen that data from Chrome which is the only browser she ever uses.”

The ZDNet columnist shared his own reaction to the story. “Edge is a fine browser. It’s quick, effective, and has superior privacy instincts than does Chrome. I have begun to use it and I like it. When you launch a new product, however, you have two choices: You can announce it, make people feel good about it, and then rely on word of mouth. Or you can try ramming it down people’s throats.

“The former is often more effective. Microsoft has chosen the latter.”

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