You can create epic toy photography scenes out of trash

If you’re creative, it’s amazing what you can make from things that you’d otherwise just throw away. Mathieu Stern has made an awesome miniature scene out of trash. In his latest video, he gives you some ideas on how you can use trash and a few toys and create pretty cool dioramas.

What you will need depends basically on your imagination. As for Mathieu, he used a few toys, and everything else was made out of trash: random plastic bits, parts of a broken clock, and some cardboard packaging (an egg carton would do as well). He created his scene and added the background with a pretty simple trick: he chose a photo on a computer monitor. Then he added a little bit of light, which added a new dimension to the photo. Mathieu also used some smoke made with a MicroFogger.

Mathieu even made a lens out of trash before. Although, it wasn’t one of the lenses he used to shoot this miniature scene. He used a few other ones though, so you can see his “trashy” Star Wars photos taken with various lenses and at different focal lengths.

I just love seeing all creative ideas photographers come up with when it comes to toy photography. It’s just great how many epic scenes you can create with household items and random crap lying around the house. So next time, think for a moment before you throw broken items away. Perhaps they can become a part of an amazing photo before they end up in the garbage.

[How to Make a Star Wars Diorama out of Trash || Toy Photography | Mathieu Stern]

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