The Morning After: Next-gen consoles are real big

Tiktok stays for another week — read more about that below — but can we talk about how huge the PlayStation 5 looks? We’re talking bigger than the Xbox Series X, PS3 and the first Xbox. Sony has spelled out the dimensions itself: 15.4 inches in length, 10.2-inch depth and 4.1-inch thickness. That looks something like this:


There’s not much more to say, except it’s probably time to see if your entertainment console  / TV stand can handle the footprint of next-gen gaming. That is, if you were able to pre-order one

— Mat

Trump approves TikTok deal with Oracle and Walmart ‘in concept’

TikTok will also create an education fund, much to its surprise.


Sheldon Cooper/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

TikTok appears to have avoided a US ban at the last minute… probably. President Trump has agreed to a deal “in concept” that theoretically allays US security issues while letting it operate in the country. True to earlier discussions, Oracle and Walmart would claim a 20 percent investment stake in a newly formed TikTok Global company, which will run the social video service’s business in the US and “most of the users” worldwide.

To that end, the ban on downloading the TikTok app has been delayed for a week. Continue reading.

Sony apologizes for botched PlayStation 5 pre-orders

More consoles will be available soon.

Sony has apologized for botched PS5 pre-orders, noting that the process “could have been a lot smoother.” It promised that more consoles would be available to pre-order in the “next few days,” and that retailers would tell customers about when those extra units would be available. Sony effectively surprise-launched pre-orders for the console. They were supposed to be available on September 17th, but many retailers started pre-orders soon after the PS5 showcase event ended — many gamers were caught unprepared and missed out on a system.

Continue reading.

Massive ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ patch fixes over 1,000 bugs

Square Enix says the next patches will focus on quality-of-life improvements.

Marvel's Avengers

Square Enix has rolled out a huge update for Marvel’s Avengers, fixing issues affecting the game on consoles and PC. In fact, it’s meant to address over 1,000 bugs that players came across in the past two weeks. The lengthy changelog includes fixes for serious issues that prevent progression. 

Since the fixes may well come with their own issues, Square Enix is encouraging players to report bugs on a dedicated thread on Reddit. Also, not a good sign: The company has advised players to stop refreshing their Weekly Challenges if they see a missing one as it may result in a crash. Continue reading.

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