New Apple Watch notifies you of the Golden Hour and stargazing conditions

by Dunja Djudjic 6 Comments

Apple has announced the Apple Watch Series 6. While this gadget may not have to do much with photography, it looks like the latest model of the watch aims at photographers as well. Other than its usual features, Apple Watch now tells you when is the best time to shoot, and astro and landscape photographers could find it especially handy.

Let’s start with the photography-friendly features first. The Apple Watch Series 6 watch has a new face powered by Lumy. It lets you track sunrises, sunsets and lighting conditions, and it even notifies you how long it has left until the golden hour. There’s a tiny weather preview as well, but there’s also a dedicated face for more detailed weather tracking. SolarWatch shows you a visualization of the day and night cycle, while Night Sky shows you stargazing conditions.

Other than these features for photographers, the Apple Watch Series 6 packs a new sensor and app that let you take an ECG anytime and measure your blood oxygen level. It also features the enhanced Always-On Retina display.

The Apple Watch Series 6 becomes available from tomorrow for $399. You can also get a $279 Apple Watch SE if you don’t need the blood oxygen level monitoring. It keeps most of the other features, including those photography-friendly. And if even then it seems a bit too much – well, there are tons of phone apps that should do the trick perfectly fine.

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