Video: How to choose your focal length for landscape photography

Every landscape scene offers a collection of compositions just waiting to be framed by the proper focal length, but how do you choose what one to go with? While the answer will always be subjective, photographer Nigel Danson has shared a video showing how he goes about choosing the best focal length for certain scenes.

The video is a longer watch, coming in at just under 27-minutes, but through it, Danson explains how he chooses a specific focal length and shares example photos captured at different focal lengths to show what tends to work best with different lenses, from a 14mm ultra-wide-angle lens to a 200mm telephoto lens.

It’s a fantastic deep dive into the selection process for landscape photos and even Danson was surprised when he looked through what his most-used focal length was — 24mm. He notes this focal length is likely the most used due to it being difficult to capture portfolio-worthy shots at ultra-wide-angle focal lengths, leaving him ‘more disappointed than pleased,’ upon returning home to cull and edit the captured frames.

Despite his most-used focal length, Danson says his favorite focal lengths to shoot with are at either extreme — either ultra-wide or telephoto — due to the ability to ‘create something more dramatic […] and creative,’ despite it ‘not being easier.’

You can find more videos from Danson on his Youtube channel, follow him on Instagram and visit his website to view his portfolio of work and purchase his new 2021 calendar.

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